Cancer -omics Database

We've constructed a comprehensive database system which assist biomedical researchers and clinicians in cancer study and clinical application. The database system could supply strong support in data management, data analysis, prediction model, information query, custom analysis, project management, ect.

Database Summary

Human Cancer Metastasis Database (HCMDB)


---Large scale human cancer metastasis related gene expression studies, facilitate metastasis-related data query and analysis.
TCGA-derived Database


---Collected and reanalyzed the data from TCGA
Human Cancer Methylation Da tabase


---DNA methylation, gene expression and the correlation of methylation and gene expression as well as clinical data from TCGA and GEO.
Integrated Human Microbiome Database and Analysis System

iHMD- Analysis System

Human Microbiome Database
  • Characterization of the human microbiome using amplicon and metagenomic shotgun sequencing
  • Data aquisition and processing
  • Modeling Analysis
Chinese Gut MicrobiomeGene Catalog
  • Reference Gene catalog for the Chinese gut microbiome
  • Mining gene functions
  • Quantitative characterization of Chinese gut metagenome
Human Pathogen Database
  • Easy access to information associated with human pathogens
  • Advancing the knowkedge underlying biology of human pathogens
Model Training
  • Using your data, training a model
  • Five epidemic models provided
  • machine learning algorithms
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